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Meet Bruce and Theresa, the Owners of The Casual Pint Rivergate

Most people would consider international volunteering in third world countries, refereeing MMA fights, captaining a sailboat and international pet-sitting perfectly good career options. But for Bruce and Theresa Allen, they’re just hobbies. Their real fun comes from pouring you your next round of beer.

In fact, filling frosty pints with the finest of fermented frothiness is so much fun, they’ve made it their next career as owners of North Carolina’s first Casual Pint.

Bruce and Theresa are a dynamic duo of friendliness, hospitality and hilarity. Theresa is the adventurous, high-achieving one, as VP of Business Development for a national marketing agency and licensed US Coast Guard Captain. Bruce is a self-professed underachieving and laid-back former laser salesman (seriously) with 4 beer fridges at home (also seriously). According to Bruce, lasers are pretty boring compared to beer.

What they have in common is a serious passion for life, good friends, awesome community and the chance to introduce you to your favorite new craft beer.